Aries Zodiac Sign: Horoscope, Dates, Traits & Personality (2023)

Information On Aries Astrology

Element: Fire

Color: Red

Quality: Cardinal

Day: Tuesday

Ruler: Mars

Greatest Compatibility: Libra, Leo

Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 17

Dates: March 21 - April 19

Aries Zodiac Sign: Horoscope, Dates, Traits & Personality (1)

Aries traits

Strengths: Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate

Weaknesses: Impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive

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Aries likes: Comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles, physical challenges, individual sports

Aries dislikes: Inactivity, delays, work that does not use one's talents

As the first sign in the zodiac, the presence of Aries always marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent. They are continuously looking for dynamic, speed and competition, always being the first in everything - from work to social gatherings. Thanks to its ruling planet Mars and the fact it belongs to the element of Fire (just like Leo and Sagittarius), Aries is one of the most active zodiac signs. It is in their nature to take action, sometimes before they think about it.

The Sun in such high dignity gives them excellent organizational skills, so you'll rarely meet an Aries who isn't capable of finishing several things at once, often before lunch break! Their challenges show when they get impatient, aggressive and vent anger pointing it to other people. Strong personalities born under this sign have a task to fight for their goals, embracing togetherness and teamwork through this incarnation.

Aries rules the head and leads with the head, often literally walking head first, leaning forwards for speed and focus. Its representatives are naturally brave and rarely afraid of trial and risk. They possess youthful strength and energy, regardless of their age and quickly perform any given tasks.

Aries - the Flying Ram Guided by the story of the Golden Fleece, an Aries is ready to be the hero of the day, fly away and carry many endangered, powerless people on their back. The power of the ram is carried on his back, for he is the gold itself, shiny and attractive to those ready for betrayal. The story of glory that isn't easy to carry is in these two horns, and if this animal doesn't get shorn, allowing change and giving someone a warm sweater, they won't have much to receive from the world. Each Aries has a task to share their position, power, gold, or physical strength with other people willingly, or the energy will be stopped in its natural flow, fear will take over, and the process of giving and receiving will hold balance at zero.

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Aries Love and Sex

Aries is a fire sign with the need to take initiative when it comes to romance. When they fall in love, they will express their feelings to the person they are in love with, without even giving it a considerable thought. The compatibility of an Aries with other signs of the zodiac is very complex. Aries in love may shower their loved one with affection, sometimes even an excess of it, forgetting to check the information they get in return. They are very passionate, energetic and love adventures. An Aries is a passionate lover, sometimes even an addict to pleasures of the flesh and sexual encounters.

With their opposing sign being Libra, the sign of relating, tact, and diplomacy, it is the furthest point from their natural personality. This can present a problem in their romantic experience, for they don't seem to have enough patience and focus on their partner, as much as they do on the passionate approach they always nurture. They have to embrace all matters of Venus, with all of its love, tenderness, joy, peaceful satisfaction, and foreplay. Still, their partner should keep in mind that they need the adrenaline and excitement every day, and their relationship can only be strong and long lasting if their primal needs are met.

An Aries might be turned to themselves for the most part, in loud respect for their own boundaries, but they are highly compatible with certain signs of the zodiac - find out which below:

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Aries Friends and Family

Friends - Social life of an Aries representative is always moving, warm, and filled with new encounters. They are tolerant of people they come in contact with, respectful of different personalities and the openness they can provoke with simple presence. Their circle of friends needs a wide range of strange individuals, mostly in order for them to feel like they have enough different views on personal matters they don't know how to resolve. Since people born in the sign of Aries easily enter communication, direct and honest in their approach, they will make an incredible number of connections and acquaintances in their lifetime. Still, they often cut many of them short for dishonesty and unclear intentions. Long-term friendships in their lives will come with those who are just as energetic and brave to share their insides at any time.

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Family - Independent and ambitious, an Aries often knows where they want to go at a young age, separating from their family a bit early. Even as children they can be hard to control, and if they don't receive enough love and patience from their parents, all of their intimate bonds later in life could suffer. A lot of anger comes from the sign of Aries if too many restrictions come their way, and only when they come from liberal families will they nurture their bonds with an easy flow. Even when this isn't the case, they will take on family obligations when they need to be taken care of, never refusing more work as if their pool of energy is infinite.

Aries Career and Money

This is an area of life in which an Aries shines brightest. Their working environment is the perfect place for their ambition and creativity to show, with them fighting to be as good as possible. A natural born leader, Aries will prefer to issue orders rather than receive them. Their speed of mind and vast energy to move helps them to always be one step ahead of everyone else. All they need to do in order to succeed is follow their chosen path and not give up on professional plans guided away by emotions. When faced with a challenge, an Aries will quickly assess the situation and come to a solution. Competition does not bother them and instead encourages them to shine even brighter. They can have great careers in sports and challenging environments, and enjoy their chosen path as managers, policemen, soldiers, etc.

Even though Aries representatives can be wise and save some money for a rainy day, this is not often the case for the joy of spending it and taking risks is even greater. They live in the present and aren't that focused on the future, and this can make them irrational and hasty when it comes to financial decisions. Still, they seem to always find a way to earn money and compensate for what they have spent, in a natural flow of energy that needs to come back when invested wisely.

How to Attract the Aries Man

Independence is the key to understanding an Aries, for they don't like to take orders from others. In order to seduce an Aries man, you need to learn to play the game by his rules. This man often finds the chase for the subject of his desire more thrilling than the catch, and his conquering nature makes him often chase after partners he can't have. To get his attention, one must play hard to get, as if sending a message that he needs to fight for a prize, and winning the one he truly wants to be with.

This is a man in love with a good challenge and in a rush to become their partner's "knight in shining armor", so he needs to be let to be one from time to time. His life partner might have to yell back in a fight, building strong boundaries and earning his respect. On a bad day an Aries can be self-centered, arrogant and stubborn, but he is also courageous, adventurous, and passionate. A relationship with this man can be fun and exciting, but it easily gets someone hurt if their partner doesn't recognize the energy needed for their relationship to last.

How to Attract the Aries Woman

Aries women are fearless and natural leaders. They are energetic, charismatic, dynamic, and in love with challenges and adventures. If you want to attract the attention of an Aries woman, you must let her seduce you and appeal to her independent nature. A woman born under the Aries zodiac sign is extremely passionate and sexual, which makes her irresistible to the opposite sex. She is constantly on the move and will never allow herself to be overrun by a man, at the same time craving for love but trying to hold on to control.

To attract a woman born in this sign, one has to take action but not give the impression that control has been taken over. She needs to be free to show initiative and fight for affection of her loved one, expecting the same in return. Once she falls in love, she is extremely faithful, and at times overly jealous. Dating her means giving her all the attention she needs, giving her time and constant effort to prove there is love behind the act. Confident and domineering, she doesn't just need someone to follow, but someone to be equally energetic and strong. A relationship with an Aries woman can be interesting, full of adventures and excitement, but only if one is ready to take on a less dominant role from time to time.

Compatible Signs Aries Should Consider: Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Aries Zodiac Sign: Horoscope, Dates, Traits & Personality (6)

Additional Information

Aries man - information and insights on the Aries man.

Aries woman - information and insights on the Aries woman.

Aries compatibility - the compatibility of Aries with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life.

Aries history - the history of Aries and the stories behind it.

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Aries symbol - images and interpretations of the Aries symbol and ruler.


What is the Aries personality? ›

Like their fellow fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, Aries is a passionate, motivated, and confident leader who builds community with their cheerful disposition and relentless determination. Uncomplicated and direct in their approach, they often get frustrated by exhaustive details and unnecessary nuances.

What are Aries weaknesses? ›

Weaknesses. Aries can be somewhat headstrong. Their desire to lead and to get things done first and quickly can cause them to take charge, and be a bit impatient, Neptune explains. Aries can also be a bit naïve, in an act before you think type of way, he says.

Who is Aries in love with? ›

Aries high marriage compatibility often goes with Leo, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius. Whereas, Aries unmatched partners can be from Cancer, Scorpio, or Libra.

What is an Aries biggest flaw? ›

The toxic trait of Aries – Jealousy

For the fire sign, they need to be on top of everything. They envy those who are more wealthy, more famous, and closer to their goals.

Are Aries controlling? ›

Aries are headstrong, so they can be controlling in situations regarding leadership and competition. But when they are not in a competitive setting, Aries tend to not be as controlling to other people.

What is Aries attitude like? ›

Aries are driven by a desire to prove themselves and their strength. They have high energy, and are competitive and ambitious. They naturally take charge because they are good at initiating new projects. They can also be impatient, but are naturally active and don't like to waste time.

What is Aries toxic? ›

Aries: Selfish

For the first sign of the zodiac, it can be hard to see past the first person. A toxic Aries won't set aside their own desires, even temporarily, for someone else.

What are Aries biggest enemy? ›

Aries is a fire sign, and Cancer is a water sign. Aries worst enemy is individuals of Cancer sign. You are straight forward, and a little rough with the individuals of cancer are sensitive.

What are Aries attracted to? ›

Although each Aries has a unique definition of “success,” all Aries love to be challenged. Likewise, this fire sign is attracted to vivacious go-getters who match their own high-octane spirit. Fueled by both admiration and competition, Aries seek relationships that symbolize victory.

How is Aries in bed? ›

They are fiery, bold and when it comes to - under the sheets, they can be very carefree. Numerologist, Mr. Sidhharrth S Kumaar shared with us that "if you are with an Aries partner, you do not need to worry about anything in terms of your sexual life or even otherwise.

Who Should Aries sleep with? ›

Constance Stellas, author of the book Sex Signs: Your Perfect Match Is In The Stars, says that when it comes to sex and long-term relationships, Aries is a good match with other Aries, as well as the other fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius. “They speak the same kind of impetuous language,” Stellas explains.

Who is Aries gonna marry? ›

Taurus always makes a trustworthy partner and same goes with Aries and this makes them a compatible pair. Their physical relationship also goes great through all the stages of their relationship. Keeping a few secrets from each other can become the reason for stress in their relationship.

How does an Aries deal with stress? ›

Aries typically deals with stress by taking the lead and giving orders, and tends to feel safer being self-reliant. This sign is fearless; if you take the lead by being calm and collected in a crisis, others in your orbit will follow.

How do you control Aries? ›

How to Beat an Aries Man at His Own Game
  1. 1 Compliment him to boost his ego.
  2. 2 Flirt with him a lot and then back off a little bit.
  3. 3 Show off your witty sense of humor.
  4. 4 Be mysterious so that he'll fight for your attention.
  5. 5 Plan spontaneous and adventurous dates.
  6. 6 Take things slow to leave him wanting more.

Are Aries selfish? ›

Aries can be dangerously selfish at times. If it's about satisfying their egos or gaining some benefit, Aries can go to any height. An Aries won't hesitate in showing you their selfish side if it benefits them in any way. So, before you put your complete trust in an Aries, make sure you know them inside out.

Do Aries move on quickly? ›

Aries are incredibly kind and caring, yet they have a different way of handling moving on after a breakup. They have a tendency to move on from their ex-partners fast because they think that due to their kindness, someone better will undoubtedly come along.

Will an Aries protect you? ›

Aries are extremely protective and loyal to friends, family and loved ones. Once you become a part of our "pack," we will literally ram (get it?) anyone or anything that tries to hurt the ones we care for.

Which zodiac is bossy? ›

Both fire signs Aries and Sagittarius are on this list of bossy zodiac signs. So it is only natural we include Leo in the club too. But Leos are a different kind of bossy though. Their bossiness stems from their acute need to have a say in the lives of everyone they hold dear.

Are Aries emotional? ›

Being an element of fire, Aries seem strong and fierce from their personality but below their sturdy exterior, there lays an extremely sensitive and emotional person that feels the pain of others to the bottom of their heart.

Do Aries get attention? ›

Aries are often impatient and love attention from people. The main reason behind gaining attention for Aries is to have a sense of belongingness. They may unintentionally neglect their partner's demands because they are preoccupied with their own problems and concerns.

What is Aries favorite color? ›

The Aries sign is symbolic of a ball of fire as they are fiery and energetic under the influence of the hot planet Mars. Hence the Aries favourite colour ought to be Red or Orange. The red colour best suits the list of Aries favourite colours as it represents the Aries personality.

Are Aries heartbroken? ›

Aries are reactionary hotheads, no question about it, but when it comes to heartbreak, they tend to take it in stride (at least outwardly). It is normal for an Aries to act like everything is fine for 2-3 months, then break down over something seemingly innocuous that reminds them of their old love.

What are the 3 types of Aries? ›

July 8, 2022, 10:48 a.m. There's three types of Aries Suns: Aries who have Mercury in Pisces, Aries who have Mercury in Taurus, and Aries who have Mercury in Aries. Furthermore, Aries with Aries Mercury have Mercuries that are either in the morning phase, the evening phase, or combust.

Who does Aries not get along with? ›

Aries do not get along with a Pisces or a Cancer. Pisceans are exceptionally sensitive, and the unexpected nature of an Aries could be a test for them. Cancers can likewise be profoundly outraged by an Aries' straightforwardness and there might be a conflict over emotional needs.

Do Aries hold grudges? ›

Aries will hold grudges for both themselves and the people they care about. "If you hurt someone an Aries person loves, they will not easily forgive you, if they ever do," says Kovach.

Are Aries loyal friends? ›

Aries natives maintains secrecy and loyalty to their friends. Aries natives feel very comfortable with mingling their friends to their family. Best part about being friends with Aries is that they are very enthusiastic in nature. Aries keeps their friendship very harmonized and balanced.

What is an Aries love language? ›

Aries Love Language: Cheerleader (Words of Affirmation)

And your ideal lover is your personal cheerleader, demonstrating that they're in your corner no matter how wild, far-fetched or crazy the idea may be. You appreciate positive affirmations, goodnight phone calls and letters from not-so-secret admirers.

How do Aries show love? ›

They are known as fantastic cuddlers, so cuddling is a common way for them to show affection to their kids. One surprising way that Aries shows affection is a playful war of words. They adore bantering, which often happens with their kids too.

How does an Aries act when in love? ›

When it comes to love, Aries often take the role as the chaser. They're known to enjoy the act of pursuit. They relish the lead-up to the first date, from flirting to being bold with their affections. Aries will romance others hard and do all the work in planning for dates and time spent with their crush.

Are Aries noisy in bed? ›

Being known as the rulers of the highest sex drive, Aries are the boldest and kinkiest when it comes to making love, all of which escalate their intensity of loudness in the bedroom.

Do Aries like cuddling? ›

Aries are the signs that love cuddling and at the same time are too damn good at it. They just know everything, be it how to lay their arm so neither of you is uncomfortable, or how to keep you warm, but not so warm that you'd want to leave. They even know when to affectionately stroke your hair.

Are Aries flirts? ›

Aries. People born under the Aries sign are known to be quite stubborn and flirtatious too. Flirting comes to them pretty naturally. They might not flirt with one person for a very long time, but even in that short period of flirting, the other person is bound to be smitten.

Are Aries good at relationships? ›

Aries are fierce, fun-loving and always the life of the party. More than any other sign, Aries knows how to love hard. Despite this though, a major misconception about our sweet rams is that they're too freedom-oriented to find success in relationships.

How does Aries get turned on? ›

If you want to arouse Aries, ask them about their fantasies while sharing some of your own. "Sex is a form of escape from the pressures of every-day life for Aries, and they enjoy fantasy between the sheets," Gat says. "Tough Aries doesn't get a chance to be vulnerable every day, so keep that in mind."

Do Aries get divorced? ›

If they feel as though their partner doesn't appreciate all the romantic things they do for them, it may lead to a wandering eye. And, ultimately, Aries isn't afraid to file for divorce should they not be getting what they need or want from their partner.

At what age Aries should get married? ›

Thus, the perfect age for Aries to get married is in their late twenties when they feel stable and settled in their lives.

What helps an Aries relax? ›

Aries is the sign of physicality, and as such, they can best relax by way of physical outlets. Miller recommends hiking, power walks, or anything else that engages the body and brings in fresh air.

What does an Aries fear the most? ›

Aries can't handle being outshined by anyone, which is why it's their deepest fear. If you start feeling like you're being left behind or your achievements are going unnoticed, take a deep breath and remember you'll get your recognition in due time.

Why do Aries feel lonely? ›

Aries. Aries might not seem lonely because they're so independent, but that adventurous spirit can cause them to see others as rivals. "Because Aries is a competitive sign, they cannot easily trust others, and others cannot easily trust them," says Emily Newman, a spiritual healer, counselor, and astrologer.

What powers do Aries have? ›

Western Astrology. Aries: Aries allows strength-based abilities, such as Horn Protrusion, Enhanced Strength, Fire Manipulation, Regenerative Healing Factor, Absolute Stamina, Speedster Physiology and/or Caprine Physiology.

What body parts do Aries control? ›

Each part of the body was associated with astrological signs: Aries. Head, eyes, adrenals, blood pressure.

How do you talk to an angry Aries? ›

Stay calm.

Avoid yelling or raising your voice in any way, even if he does. An angry Aries needs to get his composure back, and he can't do that if there's a full-blown fight brewing. By staying calm, you can also communicate more effectively while getting a better understanding of his feelings and body language.

Are Aries childish? ›

The very well-known child of the zodiac, Aries exhibits traits that could be considered childlike as well as childish. They will be looking for instant gratification when it comes to their needs. They'll reply to you instantly but also tell you off if you upset them.

Are Aries sensitive? ›

Contrary to popular belief, an Aries is a highly sensitive creature. Their emotions wash over them at a moment's notice and they cannot be subdued. While it doesn't take much to make them angry, it takes just as little to make them happy. If an Aries is mad at you, it's only because they can't tell a lie.

Are Aries vengeful? ›

Described by Newman as "uncompromising and aggressive," if Aries feels personally attacked, they are not just going to let someone walk all over them. In these instances, Aries will get defensive and then become vindictive, Newman says, and there is nothing that will stop them from getting their revenge.

What are Aries good at? ›

Along with being creative and very imaginative, they are very kind and sympathetic. Aries natives are very punctual and keep everything well planned. They love being sorted when it comes to planning. With everything that makes them great, their faithfulness and honest is what makes their personality remarkable.

Do Aries fall in love quickly? ›

This headstrong nature of Aries makes them fall in love quickly once someone attracts their attention and the same trait is likely to make them fall out of love too.

Are Aries hard to date? ›

They may get really excited and come on strong, and they bring a lot of passion into their relationships. They might love planning dates spontaneously, and other people find Aries fun and inspiring to be around. However, Aries may grow bored quickly when dating and find their attention wandering elsewhere.

Is Aries good with money? ›

Aries are obedient and ambitious when it comes to profession and career and hence, they always end up doing well in terms of money. They do not like being told about how to spend and manage money. They like to be independent when it comes to financial management. Aries will always be handful with money.

How are Aries in bed? ›

They are fiery, bold and when it comes to - under the sheets, they can be very carefree. Numerologist, Mr. Sidhharrth S Kumaar shared with us that "if you are with an Aries partner, you do not need to worry about anything in terms of your sexual life or even otherwise.

How do you tell if an Aries loves you? ›

5 Signs your Aries man is in love with you
  • 01/6Here's what he will do. All men have different ways of expressing their love. ...
  • 02/6He will rarely disagree with you. ...
  • 03/6You will be prioritised. ...
  • 04/6He will become protective. ...
  • 05/6He will pamper you immensely. ...
  • 06/6Your opinion will become important.
Aug 10, 2022

Do Aries prefer to stay single? ›

An Aries is a loner. They are likely to stay single for most of their lives, courtesy of their high expectations and the inability to bond well with a person. No matter how hard they try, one negative vibe from a person and they will part ways.

Are Aries best in bed? ›

They are fiery, bold and when it comes to - under the sheets, they can be very carefree. Numerologist, Mr. Sidhharrth S Kumaar shared with us that "if you are with an Aries partner, you do not need to worry about anything in terms of your sexual life or even otherwise.

What is Aries best friend? ›

Scorpio, Gemini, and Taurus are most compatible zodiac with Aires's natives in terms of friendship. Pisces and Aquarius are not very much compatible with Aires in terms of nature.

What are Aries afraid of? ›

Aries can't handle being outshined by anyone, which is why it's their deepest fear. If you start feeling like you're being left behind or your achievements are going unnoticed, take a deep breath and remember you'll get your recognition in due time.

What mistakes do Aries make in relationships? ›

They get competitive with their partners

Aries are naturally competitive and enjoy winning, but bringing too much of that competitiveness into their relationship may cause problems. A partner should be treated as an equal, so trying to outperform them or be the "best" in the relationship is not a good idea.

What should Aries avoid? ›

Aries folks probably shouldn't get involved with a Pisces or a Cancer. Pisceans are highly sensitive, and the abrupt nature of an Aries could be a challenge for them. Cancers can also be highly offended by an Aries's straightforward manner. They may appreciate the honesty at first but later come to resent it.


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