Education should be free for everyone Essay (2023)

Education should be free for everyone

Children should get an education so s the increase the knowledge that develops social awareness, better decision-making skills.

Today, most jobs require candidates who are qualified through education. Every society in the world has citizens of different economic sectors.

Those who are from poor economic backgrounds may not able to support education from their children and so they sent them for labour to support their living.

Today, governments globally have accepted the fact, that child labour is wrong and it is the right of children to get an education.

To solve these issues, the government should provide free education thus supporting poor families and preventing child labour.

Education should be free for everyone

I think education should be free. Education is very useful in everybody's life. It is education that makes man the smartest creature on earth. It empowers humans and gets them ready to face the challenges of life.

Education is the most significant tool in eliminating poverty and unemployment. If a poor and uneducated person can't live a good and healthy life,but if he would be educated, he can live a happy and healthy life.

Education helps in making a person independent. Everyone deserves to be educated an educated citizen is a more productive citizen, therefore able to pay more taxes. I

f education would be free, more children would be in school. It is unfair that only the parents that have money get to send their child to school.

Every child must be given a chance because some children have that talent, but their parents don't have the money. In order to improve a country, all the people of that country must be educated.

If education would be free, then the country will be a developed country. Due to free education, students will have more time to focus on is studying rather than the fee. That's why I think education should be free.

Education is the greatest weapon for the people, but it is governed by corruption, in order to improve a country, all the people of that country must be educated, but in many circumstances, they are not able to achieve it. Maybe, if education is free, then the country will be a developed country which will lead the country in the right direction.

While some may say that being cheap is the reason for education being free, others agree that our economy is good to be highly educated and if you do not conform to this standard, the opportunities are very limited, you can live a certain life. Will be able to get the style. An opportunity in which every person has an equal right to reach his full potential.

Students will have more time to focus on studying and get a degree than how they pay for the school term. As a result, people can graduate on time and work in the job industry. The world is changing rapidly in which daily tasks are required to be performed by people with knowledge-based or advanced skills. This creates the idea of ​​a highly educated job industry that will help us accelerate economic growth.

What's the best way to get a good education for low-cost people?

I think it will dramatically affect many families who have just graduated from high school with children and are seeking higher education. To get a good career in the job industry, many companies require higher education as a standard. If the price of education changes, it will affect everyone because people will be able to afford it easily.

One of the reasons why this change should occur in our education is that many people do not want to remain in debt due to student loans because FAFSA and other corporations pay this fee to get out their debt. This amount is being collected so much that most people cannot afford it. Such an effect can lead to financial losses due to people going bankrupt and the need to collect large amounts of funds from students.

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Education should be free for all

People have to be free to do things I do with college and schools for visitors, and their parents cannot go to school because they can let their children attend that college.

The reason that most parents tell their students that they have been accepted for college is that they cannot leave due to the cost of college loans.If we afford college free, it will help many students to go to college and earn their degrees and when some students go to college after college, they have debt till the age of 60.

Reason 1 - Reducing college costs means that the world can be a larger community with better knowledge and they can help each other make a better place in the world and find a way.More successful college graduates will return to the community. When they return to the city, it is better for the student of the city and the family

Reason 2 - Most jobs nowadays require a college education for your job and for building a family. Some people have to do two things to raise a family. And free study will help people get the education they need to think.

Free colleges make it easier for families who cannot afford to pay their students to go to college. Families will be able to manage the stress of trying to pay their students the amount of homework to go to college and the family.

Reason 3 - A century ago, high schooland other educational institutionswere becoming a necessity for success getting a job is a necessity nowadays. The more education you get, the better job you can get or the more jobs you can get.

In this country, it is a universal program that is up-to-date and protected, while alumni programs such as public higher education are usually cut off.

Another reason is 4 -why education should be free because there is still more technology and more to be discovered.With free education, we can achieve it very fast and the future can change now.We need education to solve the problem of using less gas on this planet, which means that the pollution of this world is less and with the education, we have taken, we can save the planet.

Creating a better place in the world than studying is free for people. All children, regardless of gender, race, or religion, have equal access to education.True, there are 164 million children who cannot attend school.

Education should be free for everyone. (Pros and Cons )


1. Guaranteed Education: Free education is important because it guarantees some level of education for every student in the country. This means that every student has an equal opportunity to reach this level of education at an equal level.

2. Safe Life: Education is the key to a safe life. For example, when a student is educated as opposed to not educated, it is easier to succeed in the future.

3. Better outlook on life: Education gives children the ability to think positively and have a more positive attitude towards life. Free education guarantees that the outlook of life of all children will be the same.

4. Increased employment: Free will means that most students will have access to education and hence increase their chances of getting employment.

5. Creates equality: Free education means that any child from where they come will be able to use the same quality education. It plays an important role in creating equality among the students in the school.

6. Promotes fairness: Open education plays a role in promoting fairness in schools and societies. This is because all children are guaranteed access to the same level of education and therefore it would be appropriate in the classroom.

7. Density in the classroom:Free education somehow promotes concentration in the classroom. This is because students are not worried about where the next school or tuition fees will come from. Instead, they will focus on their education.

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8. Student loan loans: Students will not be worried about getting student loans in university to fully facilitate their education. This ensures that students remain debt-free.

9. Open Access to College: Free education plays an important role to open access to college education as all children will be guaranteed a degree of education until they go to college.

10. Students can pursue their interests: Free education allows the student the luxury of choice in pursuing their desired career.



1. Public companies: Free education opens the organization to all. This creates congested congestion problems as most people will be registered to study similar courses.

2. Create an unequal society in school: Free education brings people from different cultures and backgrounds to the same school where aspects of social class can come into play. It has risked an uneven society.

3. Reasons for emphasizing limited companies: Being overwhelmed by free education means that students will be forced to use already limited resources. This puts pressure on resources that may not be enough.

4. Increases government spending: While free education can be free for students, it is imposed on the government. This means that the government may be forced to borrow money for free education in the country.

5. Shows the importance of education: Free education means anyone can get education from any part of the country. While this is important in the long run, it can reduce the importance of education.

6. Younger generations do not know how to handle money: Free education discourages youth from interacting with money in a responsible way that can make them green in managing money.


7. It can raise taxes: Free education can raise government tax on financial donations and thereby reduce people's disposable income.

8. Low quality of education: Free education can affect the quality of education in the long run as classes will be limited and resources will be limited.

9. Lack of personal attention and touch: Free education means that there will be more teacher-to-student ratio, which will negatively affect the personal touch required between teacher and student.

10. This can lead to unemployment: it can also work against the free education system because a lot of graduates will leave school if there is little opportunity for employment in this industry.


Education is important for anyone to survive their academic, social, and political career. Education requires a lot of money, but it should not be monopolized so that the whole world can move at the same pace, solve problems like world poverty or world starvation.

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Otherwise, the world will inevitably go nowhere, unable to make its talent any harder. At least, with more brains, you stand a chance against the cloud-free major obstacles in the world today.

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Education should be free Agree or Disagree?

Some people believe that everybody has the right to a college education. As a result, the government should make college education free for everybody, regardless of what their financial history is. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

People have different views about who should pay the fee of a college education. Some believe that the government should fully fund postsecondary education, as the societal benefits the most if the youth are highly educated.

But, I disagree with the thought. I firmly believe that the student himself gains the most from tertiary education. Therefore, the tuition fee should be borne by the students.

Proponents of free tertiary education cite a host of benefits. It is said that if higher education were created totally free, then the whole society would benefit.

That is why in all developing countries there has been a strong effort to increase the educational level of the society by placing as much money as possible into supplying educational institutions. Developing countries Can't move ahead with no educated professionals such as physicians,

teachers, scientists, and engineers. Governments in these countries provide scholarships, internships,or free education to as many students as they can fund because they realize that the whole country will benefit. Many developed countries also try to provide free tertiary education because they want highly educated people.

On the other hand, there are lots of credible arguments against free tertiary education. Firstly, the individuals themselves get as much benefit from tertiary education as they should themselves cover it. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, and engineers have some of the highest earnings in many societies.

People say that the government, and therefore the tax-payers, shouldn't cover students who will later earn more than anyone else. Moreover, most pupils come from the middle class and their parents can afford to pay for their fees.

Furthermore, it is also a well-known truth that if someone gets something for free, he doesn't value it that much. Due to free education, the l university classes are full of non-serious pupils who would spoil the decorum of the classes. Many pupils would also not finish their education

And drop out mid-way. In such cases, a lot of government money would be wasted. As it is, the government has a lot on its shoulders. Thus, it would be wrong to put the entire burden of college instruction on its shoulders.

To conclude, it wouldn't be smart to put the cost of tertiary education on the government and hence the cost should probably be paid for by the student himself or through some loans, which must be repaid later.

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Why education is important and should be free? ›

Guaranteed Education: Free education is important because it guarantees some level of education for every student in the country. This means that every student has an equal opportunity to reach this level of education at an equal level. Safety of Life: Education is the key to a safe life.

Why education should be free around the world? ›

Why should education be free for all? Answer: Free education guarantees that the overview of the life of all children will be the same. Candidates will experience increased employment: Free education means that most students will have access to education and increase their chances of getting employment.

Why is education important essay? ›

Education certainly determines the quality of an individual's life. Education improves one's knowledge, skills and develops the personality and attitude. Most noteworthy, Education affects the chances of employment for people. A highly educated individual is probably very likely to get a good job.

Why education is important in our life? ›

It helps people become better citizens, get a better-paid job, shows the difference between good and bad. Education shows us the importance of hard work and, at the same time, helps us grow and develop. Thus, we are able to shape a better society to live in by knowing and respecting rights, laws, and regulations.

Why is education important 5 sentences? ›

5 Lines on Education

2) Education helps us to develop skills. 3) An educated person is respected everywhere. 4) Education helps to attain success in life. 5) Education is the right of every citizen.


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